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Creativity at its very best

Sometimes you see a video that just blows your mind, which is beyond our capability but we can still appreciate the creative and technical accomplishment of it. This is one of those times and we want to bring it to you so you can appreciate it too!

Jovan |
28th October 2013
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‘Engineering’ an exciting video for a ‘steamy’ subject matter!

For businesses or organisations that run events and consider them a key revenue generating area of the business, having a professional event video to promote what happens and what the outcomes are, can be extremely useful in persuading potential future delegates to attend. It is often not enough to just 'film' what happens, you have to create a narrative that explains the benefits which is easily understood but visually engaging for the viewer. This blog shows how we did that for a risk assessment conference.

Amy |
7th April 2017
Business Events Video
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How to make a great exhibition video – part one

When you are exhibiting you really want to stand out, as the likelihood is you will be surrounded by your competitors. What is a good way to achieve that? Putting together a punchy video that engages passers by and keeps them in your orbit until one of your team can pull away and make the face to face connection. Here is a post that gives you some great tips on making an effective exhibition video.

Jovan |
3rd May 2017
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Advanced Post Production Techniques

While considering content of a filmed video is important, it's the extras that add the wow factor. By working with an agency that is able to deliver advanced post production techniques, even the most inconsequential shots can be brought to life. This post shows off some great examples from famous brands, and identifies how they can be applied to smaller businesses.

Jovan |
26th June 2017
Animation Business Video
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How are animated videos made?

Video is so prevalent across business marketing these days,we feel as though we understand it completely. However for those not in the industry, it always comes as a surprise to find out the level of complexity that making an animated video involves, and many of the crucial steps that need to be followed to deliver the best output possible. Our 'Process' section on the website runs through what we do for both animated and live action video but this blog identifies some of the key tenets of great animated video production.

Jovan |
17th July 2017
Animation Business Corporate Video Video
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How long should my video be?

In 80% of cases, when we are approached by potential customers, they ask for a 30 second video because it "needs to be really snappy and keep people’s attention". Whilst both of these points are extremely valid, we try not to encourage the word ‘snappy’. In this blog we examine how important the magic 30 second number is as far as impact, watch-through-rate and engagement.

Jovan |
9th August 2017
Animation Business Corporate Video
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