How to Make Viral Videos



How to make viral videos

Now I can’t take any credit for the original post which can be read here but I just took an extract from the end of the blog which gives some really interesting metrics and insights into the power of video through social channels to drive engagement in your product or service.

Traditional marketing channels can be expensive and as a famous businessman once said “50% of all marketing is a complete waste of time…..I just wish someone could tell me which half!”

Because of this using social channels to build a global distribution network enables you to reach a huge number of potential customers at relatively little cost per view – by leveraging other people’s networks.


I will be the first to declare that social media is by no means the answer to your sales and marketing challenges, however by throwing this low cost, ubiquitous tool into your marketing mix, you might just boost your levels of engagement without adding more cost to your marketing budget.

Interesting extract below.

Twitter video insights

1. Twitter users love video

Tweets containing video have strong engagement rates, with 42% likely to retweet, reply, or mention brand Tweets that contain a fun or interesting video.

2. Videos are easily shareable

Videos integrate seamlessly into a Tweet, and every Tweet is instantly shareable. Make sure you devise a hashtag to organise the conversations around the video campaign and messages.

3. Promoted products amplify your reach

Use Promoted Tweets and Trends to help surface and amplify your message. Combine with interest and keyword targeting to hit the right audience.

4. Get creative with Vine

Vine lets you create six-second looping videos that are instantly shareable on Twitter. And if you really love it you can Re-vine!

If you’re interested in developing a cost effective video to explain your product or service, to house on your website to increase engagement and be shared through social channels to increase coverage at no additional cost, drop us a line at – we’re a friendly bunch and happy to just have a conversation. We even bring donuts!

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