It is quite common for people who have never engaged in video before to have some questions around the process, including cost and the level of involvement. Our FAQ should cover everything, but if you have any other questions you’d like to ask then please just give us a call, or e-mail us, and we’ll be very happy to answer them as quickly and comprehensively as we can.

Do you outsource the video production?

No. Every element of production that we do for you, is all handled in house with our team, except one.  The one item that is outsourced is the voiceover recording (wherever applicable).  Different productions work best with different voices, male, female, more mature, younger, southern accent, northern accent, international accent – basically we try and match the right artist to the right production, so there is a better chance of resonating with the audience.  We have a series of artists we work very closely, so if there is something very specific you need, we can source it from outside agencies.  If you use our network of artists we build costs into your proposal, so you know your budget from the outset. If you choose to work with a different artist, we make you completely aware of the costs before proceeding, so you have total control over what is happening.

The only other occasion where some element of the production is outsourced is if the production is very big and we need additional camera operators. When this occurs we use trusted associates who we have had a long relationship with. We only work with highly talented and quality operators who understand our process and way of working.  Once the filming has taken place, all the footage is edited internally so we retain control of the production.

How much do you charge?

Our hourly rate is £65.00 + VAT for editing.  The charges for onsite filming depend on whether your project requires a one or two person crew, and whether it is a full or half day shoot.  The costs vary between £400 – £1000 + VAT which includes all equipment hire and preparation time.  There may be travel costs on top depending on the location, however this will be made clear at the proposal phase.

How is your pricing worked out?

We work out our pricing based on time.  So if your project is a live action production, we establish how many people are required on site for how long. We then work out how long, based on the video specification, will be required for pre production work and post production (editing).  We send you a proposal, and providing that the objectives and specification don’t change, that is the fixed cost we commit to. If we run over that’s our fault and we won’t make you pay for it.

With animated video we work out the base of the production, and establish the time required to complete the edit.  As with any of our work, we provide a proposal with a fixed cost so that you know what the price will be and can manage your budget and cash flow.

We recently wrote a blog on how we price our projects which provide more information, just click here to go to the blog post.

Are there any extras that you charge for?

The one cost that is always added on top is for audio bedding, or the soundtrack as it is more commonly referred to.  This is  re-charged to you at cost, and depends on the choice that we agree on.  To put it into context, the cost is normally between £20 – £60 so nothing too drastic.  If there is travel involved, there may be some re-charges based on fuel and accommodation where relevant, but anything that is likely to appear on an invoice at the end of the project, will be highlighted within the proposal and service level agreement, and we’ll make you aware of explicitly in the meeting.  You don’t want any surprises and we work hard to make sure you don’t get any.

How many meetings do we need to have?

This is all down to our project process which you can view here for animated video productions and here for live action video productions.  We try and find a balance between having enough contact time to get all the information we need to plan out the very best edit, but not so much that it starts to affect the budget negatively. Everything we invoice for is listed line by line, so you understand where your time and money goes.

What software do you use?

We use Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator.  Illustrator is not specifically for video but when we put together animated videos, we use that to create the graphics.

How much notice do you need for a booking?

As much notice as possible is always preferable. The more time you have to prepare, the better the outcome will be.  We do appreciate that business is a fluid thing and you may have booked a last minute exhibition space late, have an event with a key speaker confirmed at short notice, an investment or project pitch that drops in at short notice, or your current provider may have let you down.

If you do have  last minute need always call us to check our schedule and if your project can be completed in the required timescale, we will!  We have been known to get a call on the Tuesday morning and have rolling cameras on Wednesday morning. We’ve also turned around animated videos in six days. We prefer to have a run up, but where required we can mobilise quickly.

How long does a video take to make?

This is a tricky one because we could say that a particular video takes 35 hours from start to finish, but it obviously requires time for your input and feedback. We may need to book in a voiceover artist or there may be other time elements that mean we can’t just work on your project in a linear fashion.  To be comfortable, we can deliver an animated video in 3-4 weeks, and a live action video in 1-2 weeks.  This can be shorter if needed (see the above FAQ), or it can take a bit longer which gives everyone some breathing space.

How far do you venture for your jobs?

All over the UK and abroad where required. We have clients in the Midlands, Yorkshire and the North East, as well as London and the South East. We’re still waiting for that gig in the Seychelles though!


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