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We have eight core video styles that we use to help our clients find what it is they are looking for. Don't worry though, we do a whole range of other stuff which we've neatly stored under our 'something else' section! Take a look and see if they're more in line with what you had in mind.

Do you have a project in mind that isn’t covered by our other eight styles?

A video is a video and whatever the objective is, we can can create an edit that delivers that objective.  You might be looking at the list of production styles and think “what I want doesn’t fit in any of these!” Well that is not a problem. The fact is we try and make it easy for people to understand the most common areas of video production we offer, but there is a whole bunch of other stuff that we can do outside of this.  Some of these are listed below:

Talent Acquisition

This is a new area for us but one that we are really keen to develop further.  Finding good staff and keeping hold of them is a massive issue for many businesses. With a new generation that is far more socially aware than the last, they want ‘more’ than just the working hours and salary.  They want to know who they are working for, the values of the business and how the company positively affects the local community.  For businesses that care about what they stand for and how they make a positive contribution to society, having a video that attracts and retains talent beyond a job specification could steal a march on the competition in attacking the best and the brightest.  The ROI of not having to use a recruitment agency pays for the video easily, or even if it is handed to the agency to use to attract candidates, it will bring you a better crop of candidates to choose from. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

These types of videos tap into the same vein as the talent acquisition edit in that they appeal to a generation who are very much more socially aware and care about who they spend their money with.  For too long CSR for businesses was just about how much money given to charities each year.  If you are a business that is recycling, using low energy lightbulbs, giving enhanced maternity and paternity leave, allow volunteering for staff, support local charities, sponsor sports teams, run networking events for the business community, provide flexible working and help schools, colleges and university with work experience and placements, why are you not shouting about it?  If there are two solicitors in the town, both of whom bare broadly the same but one is doing all these other CSR things and the other isn’t, where would you take your business?  You’ll take it to the company that is contributing to your local community and society as a whole. CSR videos are great as they double up as marketing videos, effectively engaging those who are difficult to break down with traditional messaging.

Client Case Studies

These are really useful to back up the positive things that you say about your own business. By having a client, or a series of several clients talking about specific benefits or positive outcomes you’re more likely to attract more clients.

Short Documentary

There are times when trying to squeeze everything in a production under two minutes doesn’t do the message justice. If you frame it as a short film or documentary, you will prepare viewers for a longer production with more depth to it. 

Time Lapse

These tend to be more artistic than being the best option for a business video. However time lapse videography can be a very powerful component of a ‘broader’ video production, which is something we can do and can be seen in the CEA and LS Live videos.

Campaign Videos

These are a series of very short edits that are normally pushed out using social media to generate some brand awareness and drive engagement with the business, or a specific product, or service.  One example of this was with our Square Daisy Christmas Advent Calendar campaign in 2016.

Brand Awareness Videos

If you have the budget and the culture, you can make very effective funny videos designed to generate some brand awareness and make people laugh.  If a video is funny, the chances of getting a share, like for retweet increase dramatically and you reach more people. They don’t have to be expensive productions, the example we did below for the Easter Egg Challenge took two days in total to deliver and managed to get sensational traction on LinkedIn, which was great.

 Aerial Filming

There may be an occasion where you need a video that is entirely aerial, gathering footage from up high throughout the production.  This might be for landscapes, parks, large building developments, a housing complex or coastline.  Whatever it is we can provide aerial videography for part, or all of the project with our own internal drone and support from partners, depending on the scale of the project.


Stop Frame Animation

This is the process of making incremental changes to the state of something and capturing images of them, then stitching them all together to create a movement.  It isn’t a style that is regularly used as it can be time consuming and therefore quite expensive. But we can deliver subtle elements of stop frame animation within productions, like the video we did for a product called ‘Voicebox’, deliberately making it a bit ‘cheesy’ as it was designed for 11 – 19 year olds.


Voicebox from Square Daisy on Vimeo.

If you have a project in mind that requires a style that we haven't mentioned, give us a call as the likelihood is that we've already done it elsewhere or we know how to do it for you.

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