Square Daisy offer several styles of corporate video production, including animated and explainer videos. Plus several other video production styles that can't be as easily pigeonholed. Below you'll find a list of our eight core video offerings with lots more information about that type of edit. If there is something specific you are looking to create, it might be under the 'something else' section. If it's not, let us know as we can work with you to create something truly special.
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Corporate Videos

Corporate video is an essential part of the marketing mix to engage and educate your audience. Our corporate video has evolved from people sitting in chairs talking about a company, to delivering a compelling narrative supported by sophisticated graphics and animation.

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Animated Videos

Animated video production is a really flexible way to showcase your product or service in a way that would never be possible through live production footage.

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Explainer Videos

There are occasions when you need to explain your product or service so that customers understand how it is different to what they might be used to. Product explainer videos can be crucial in converting those viewers.

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Promotional Videos

Promotional videos 'promote' things. They are a great way to show off specific products, services and events in a very clean and concise way. As the message is not diluted with company information like with a corporate video production, promo videos are a very effective way of delivering targeted information to specific customer groups.

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Product Videos

If you sell a product, one of the best ways to enhance engagement is through a product video. Whether it is B2B or B2C, showing a product in use, along with its features and benefits can make a huge difference to the number of people that buy it and become loyal customers.

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Event Videos

You may be running a conference, exhibition, party, sporting, charity or political event and want to showcase how impressive it is to increase uptake the following year. You might also want to live stream it to the web to engage more people. Whatever your objective, we can help you with events videos.

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Training Videos

Getting the right staff is really hard. Keeping them is equally difficult. So training them to be better at what they do is a great way to increase staff retention. Training Videos are a great way to deliver bespoke training to your team in a cost effective and flexible way.

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Pitch Videos

The value of a pitch for a project or investment can be huge. To give yourself the best chance of success and stand out from your competitors use a pitch video.

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Talent Acquisition

There is a war for talent and to attract the best and the brightest you need to market your opportunities like you market your products and services. Engaging and inspiring video content can deliver this.

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Something Else?

We have eight core video styles that we use to help our clients find what it is they are looking for. Don't worry though, we do a whole range of other stuff which we've neatly stored under our 'something else' section! Take a look and see if they're more in line with what you had in mind.

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