Promotional Videos

Promotional videos 'promote' things. They are a great way to show off specific products, services and events in a very clean and concise way. As the message is not diluted with company information like with a corporate video production, promo videos are a very effective way of delivering targeted information to specific customer groups.

Promotional videos, internal and external, live action and animated.

Lots of people talk about wanting a corporate video when they speak to video production agencies, when what they may actually need is a promo video.  The difference between corporate videos and promotional videos is very subtle. 

We talk about corporate videos being internal and external. For example a regular internal video from the CEO to all the offices worldwide, or an update from an AGM. Mostly corporate videos are outward looking and introduce people to the business, talking about the background, culture, ethos and value proposition. They provide potential customers an opportunity to understand who they are going to be doing business with.

A promo video is far more focused on specific products, services, events or activities.  In the case of a hotel, there might be a corporate video talking about the business at a high level, but then a series of promo videos on weddings, conferences, the spa, restaurant and bedrooms.  A large legal firm may have a corporate video on the corporate social responsibility side of the business, but then have a promo video on a specific community event that they are supporting.  The story that we want to tell in a promo video is usually much more narrow than a corporate video, and relies more heavily on visuals.

Why would I need a promotional video?

Promo videos are really great for subject matter that is visual as they  promote what the viewer is seeing. 

“There are occasions when to the viewer, information on the background of the company, who is in charge and what the culture is like just doesn’t matter. Instead there is a need to ‘see’ something in all its glory, or just get key information on the solution to a problem. This is when a promo video delivers a far better outcome than a corporate video does.  It isn’t about what you want to say, it’s about what the viewer wants to know. Delivering a clean message without boring information on the company is highly effective.”

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What are the benefits of having a promo?

  • Allow you to use visuals to ‘sell’ your product, service or event to viewers more effectively
  • Can be repurposed by some re-editing, giving the promo video longevity and making the investment more effective
  • Focus on specifics rather than diluting the impact with lots of messages for lots of people in the same production
  • Choose between voiceover or presenter, or on screen text and other advanced post production techniques
  • It doesn’t have to be live action, it can be animated or motion graphics
  • Keep multiple promo videos efficient by keeping them in the same style and sharing resources to produce them
  • Shareable and therefore have a much better chance of being pushed through the social networks of viewers to get in front of your ideal customer base
  • They can sit on specific pages of your website that relate to whatever you are promoting, boosting SEO
  • Far more convincing than a pamphlet or brochure and far easier to amend in the future

Okay so what are the next steps?

Well we follow our comprehensive process whether it is a live action or an animated video production which you can see on our process page.  Ultimately the first thing that we would look to do is to get together to discuss what it is that you are looking to achieve and we’ll offer our very best, impartial advice on the best way to accomplish it.

Some of our Promotional Videos videos

Are you looking to promote a specific product, service or event without diluting the message around the business as a whole. Sounds like you need a promo video.

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