Omron – Robotics Lab

Many thanks again for all your efforts on the day and post production, we are really happy with the results from all three videos.

Omron are a global leader in industrial automation solutions with an extensive product portfolio which ranges from panel components, sensing technologies, machine vision, safety systems, motion, machine control and robotic technologies.

The new Omron Robotics Innovation Lab was officially launched in October 2018 as part of a £600k investment plan in the UK facilities and infrastructure. The lab is designed to provide proof of concept services for customer applications.

For the project with Omron we created and delivered three edits – the first is a promo piece to celebrate the launch of the robotics lab and wider investments in the facility, the second is a dedicated edit on the robotics lab and technology within, and the third edit is a more generic corporate promo for wider use by Omron sales teams.

The dedicated Robotics Lab video is the edit where we could most flex our advanced post-production muscles! We used motion tracking, 3D camera tracking and graphic and text overlays to annotate some of the important technical specifications of the equipment featured in the video. These key additions not only make the edit dynamic and exciting, but also engage the highly technical audience of engineers for the video.



5 out of 5 stars

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