Jamie Calder – Financial Advisor

Jamie Calder joined St James’s Place Wealth Management in 2012 and in 2017 decided to become an associated partner and start his own practice. This decision enabled Jamie to have his own profile on the St James’s Place website. Jamie prides his service and advice on his personable approach and wanted to attract new clients by adding a personable and sentimental touch to financial management.

The video was scripted to emphasise Jamie’s approachability and credibility, whilst covering his services and areas of expertise. We used several different shots, cutting between them through out the edit so give interest to what is essentially a talking head video. We also used motion tracking and rotoscoping to add subtle graphics to the edit, providing interest in a sophisticated, stylish way.

We placed on-screen text to emphasise the poignant quotes, and cutaways to give glimpses of Jamie’s interests and hobbies.


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