Life at Reply – Talent Acquisition Video

A new generation of employees is looking for more than just remuneration, they are looking for purpose, balance and fulfilment - the organisations that recognise this and adapt their proposition to suit will be the ones who attract and retain the best and the brightest.

Talent acquisition is a constant requirement for many firms and also ever-changing, an industry that is quick to reflect current trends and societal shifts. As a result the onus is on the companies to showcase their offering to potential employees, attracting the best and brightest to join them.

Reply moved into the Nova building just outside London Victoria and wanted a corporate video to share their exciting new workspace with their customers and potential recruits, as well as showing what life at Reply was really like. We spent a day in the Reply UK headquarters with a long list of shots to make a fun and creative behind-the-scenes video that would show off what a cool place to work it is. The impact of the video is two-fold – clients get to see the scale of the operation and potential employees get a succinct dose of the culture of the company.

We edited to the beat of a fun music track and overlaid with bold stylised text to hammer in the key messages. To add a bit of variety to the footage we captured timelapse, stop-motion sequences and quirky bits to spice up what is essentially just people in an office. The final outcome is a vibrant, upbeat and joyful talent video which went down really well with the client and the employees who were featured.

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