The Manor Collection – Christmas Adverts

Square Daisy have always been very professional and offered a fantastic service from proposal to completion. Jovan and Amy have been a delight to work with and we wouldn't hesitate recommending them to anyone.

We have been producing Christmas videos for The Manor Collection for a few years now, and they were eager to produce a new series of promo videos creating a feelings of warmth and quality around the brand of The Manor Collection and the individual hotels that make up the group. They wanted to emulate the Christmas adverts of big brands such as John Lewis, Sainsbury’s and Marks and Spencer.

So for Christmas 2019 it was important to build on the brochure videos that have been produced in previous years and focus on how spending Christmas with The Manor Collection can make guests feel, rather than the available events and products that the hotels sell throughout the festive season. They specifically wanted to use the videos as marketing tools on social media, breaking down each component into 3 categories: Christmas Dinner, Party Nights, and Staying for Christmas. This way they could better target the specific audiences for the service they want to represent.

The three hotels are very different to each other,  so  we decided the videos needed to be non-specific about their location, and focus more on the feelings that they provoke. To achieve these points we planned highly visual, engaging and emotive videos , and 40-60 seconds in length to maximise their impact on social media. For example, with the Christmas Dinner edit we focused on inspiring feelings of satisfaction, indulgence, comfort and warmth. The visuals to support this are set around a table, set for a Christmas dinner and filled with joy. There are shots of the sumptuous food and drink, food being served, smiling faces, pulling crackers, warmth and family love.

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