Corporate Videos

Corporate videos for business are becoming a really important ingredient in marketing. How else can you quickly, but effectively, deliver your value proposition, ethos, USPs and solutions? We can help you to tell a story that instantly engages with your target customers, using a high value corporate video production.

Corporate videos for businesses, no matter what sector.

Corporate videos are an immediate way to highlight your products or services to potential customers. They are a great tool to build affinity and trust with your target audience, using visual storytelling instead of plain text. The ability to deliver your key business messages quickly and effectively can be the difference between an enquiry or a lost opportunity.

Whether you are a one-person business, or have over 100 employees, a corporate video can add the wow factor to your website. If you want to introduce yourself to potential clients to demonstrate your credibility, or need to showcase the depth of your team’s expertise, we can work with you to create the perfect video.

How can a corporate video help my business?

If your business sells a product or service that is visually engaging, a video will showcase it perfectly. Demonstrating quality and performance to potential customers prior to purchase is a much more effective method of encouraging customer interaction than static images and text. How many times have you made a conscious effort to purchase something when you’ve seen it, as opposed to just reading or hearing about it? Corporate videos instantly deliver understanding of a product or service, which can trigger engagement and a purchase.

Here are some practical uses for corporate videos for business:

  • Liven up presentations and engage the people in the room. Use a video to set a context for the conversation that surrounds it
  • Insert videos into your social media marketing strategy. Videos will attract more attention online than plain text Tweets and Facebook updates
  • Boost your SEO Google LOVES optimised video content. By having video content on your site, hosted on YouTube, it will help too boost your website ranking and reach more people

Talk to us about Square Daisy Visibility, where we handle everything from creating your video to getting it seen.

Is a corporate video just talking at a camera?

No. Although, professional services industries such as accounting may not have a huge amount of visually interesting things to capture. The alternative is an animated process (often called motion graphics). Use motion graphics to explain how you are better than your competitors, and to outline your process and your values for potential customers.

Motion Graphics include:

  • characters
  • process diagrams
  • icons or typography
  • voiceover
  • infographics

“Having a video for the sake of it is a truly terrible reason. But a considered and professionally delivered production can really help give your clients all the reasons they need to use your product or service, or pick up the phone for more information. With our corporate videos we want to tell a story.  A story about your business and what you stand for. It has to be more than just ‘hey we do this, please use us’.  It should inspire those watching to know that you’re the best available, and they’d be foolish not to talk to you.  That’s how we want to add value.  That’s the story we want to help you tell.”

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I’m convinced. How can I get corporate videos for my website?

Traditionally the process of creating a video requires a professional writer and video crew. It can be costly and time consuming. However, Square Daisy have streamlined the process to ensure that every business has the opportunity to access professional videos services at a price that they can afford.

Our process

  • We take the time to discuss your business and what you need from your corporate video
  • We outline what you do, and how you are different to your competitors (your USP)
  • We understand your customers and target audience
  • We offer options we think will deliver maximum impact for your project

If you want to know more about our process for both live action and animated video production, have a look at our process page which sets everything out in detail or watch the overview videos.

Corporate Videos for Business Case Studies

One of our clients is a membership organisation who usually expect 1200 new members each year.  Within 6 weeks of launching two animated videos they attracted over 700 new members, well over half their annual target.  Another client- a global engineering company, filmed a new and complex piece of machinery which used new methods of automation.  In a presentation they showed a high quality technical video of the machine, which led to instant interest from senior personnel. This in turn accelerated a site visit and secured an order in excess of £350K.

Some of our Corporate Videos videos

Do you want to engage with your clients and deliver your proposition in a more innovative and inspiring way? Already have a corporate video that needs updating? We can help you tell your story in a more powerful way.

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