Quantum Christmas

Hohoho... Definitely on the "Nice" list. Kudos to the team!

How do you combine Christmas and Quantum Computing you might ask? With a unique (and ever so slightly tongue-in-cheek) Client Case study around a certain Mr Claus. Reply came to us with this concept with a short window to plan, film and turnaround the final video. It’s less easy to find and hire a Santa costume in December than you might imagine! Never-the-less, we pulled together a highly effective, funny and informative video that would make Reply stick in the minds of potential clients when they hear the word “Quantum”. As the language of quantum computing is pretty hard to get your head around – even when applied to Christmas – we regularly cut away to bespoke diagrams and graphics to illustrate the subject area. Sprinkle some glitter and sleigh bells over the edit and you have a festive extravaganza.

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