Experience Guildford

Guildford is presented as a vibrant town offering a warm welcome to visitors of all ages and there is no doubt that the production captures many of the qualities that make the place so special.
Ian Blyth – Board member, Experience Guildford

We decided to take the audience into the heart of Guildford town centre with lots of handheld camera and point-of-view cinematography. We flexed all our creative muscles to incorporate 3D camera tracking and motion tracking, rotoscoping, time-remapping and motion graphics, to really make the viewer feel they were truly experiencing Guildford while delivering the key messages that the client wanted to get across. The video is united by the branding of Experience Guildford and the user interface of their App, which is mimicked in the inter-titles. We intentionally designed the video to work without audio, as we wanted it to be just as effective for those people watching on mobile devices without headphones.



5 out of 5 stars

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