Esher CC – Lunch in the City

"We chose to use unique inter-titles and motion graphics make the video high-energy and eye-catching, and present the Lunch in the City as an aspirational and highly desirable event. The final result is high-end and very effective; even if we do say so ourselves."

Videos of corporate lunches can be a bit one-dimensional with shots of people chatting, shots of tables and wide pans of the room. As Esher wanted to use the video to promote their Lunch in the City event as something new and exciting for club members to attend we devised a concept that would aspirational and engaging.

To avoid the monotony of room pans and crowd shots, we used lots of close-up focus pull cutaways, paired slow, smooth slider shots to give high production value to the edit. We decided to use inter-titles to punctuate the video and emphasis the features and benefits of the lunch.

The final result feels aspirational, high-end and interesting. Graphically styled dividers create slick transitions, and throughout the edit the screen is split into two, three or four segments to add dynamism and a further dimension to the edit. The clean and consistent inter-titles break up the live footage and make the style feel coherent throughout and deliver key messages to the viewer. We particularly like our choice of music, creates an atmosphere of sophistication and entertainment.

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