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“Animation or motion graphics are the perfect way to demonstrate a product or service that isn’t easy or interesting to film, like software, or web platform, or concept. These subjects often need illustrations to make sense, and adding a voice-over to explain key features and benefits or to tell the story of the concept can really bring your business to life.”

Pegasus Software were launching a new accounting app aimed at sales professionals to give them visibility of core data while they are on the road or away from the office. They wanted a video to promote the app, making the end users aware of the extensive features and benefits.

We never recommend promoting software with screen casts of the actual software, as this instantly dates the video and limits its relevant lifespan. Additionally, filming someone using the software on their computer presents its own problems, with screen flare, inconsistent colours and restriction to real-time functionality.

Pegasus explained that they didn’t want to list all the features of the software, but instead communicate the benefits of the software to the end user. For this promo video we created a suite of characters to represent the sales professionals and the clients they might come across in a fun and accessible way. We also worked alongside the product specialist of the new software as they had to explain how the software might be used so that we could accurately portray the software in a visual and simplified way.


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