IISS Shangri-La Dialogue

"We are extremely fortunate to be the supplier who creates animated video content that is played as part of the opening keynote at the IISS Dialogues. The project is always challenging as we must balance high level graphics and animation, on a canvas that is truly enormous while ensuring that the content avoids a global diplomatic disaster!"

The Shangri-La Dialogue is an annual security summit hosted by the International Institute of Strategic Studies in Singapore, and pulls an impressive crowd including Defence Secretaries and Prime Ministers from around the world. 2016 celebrated 15 years of the summit and as such, an animation was required to highlight some of the achievements and events over the years. They looked to Square Daisy for our video production services.

The video ties in the celebratory theme with the location of the event by using the Singapore Mass Rapid Transport System map to navigate through the facts and figures, travelling from Changi Airport to the Shangri-La hotel where the event is held. the animation is topped and tailed by the transport map folding and unfolding in 3D space, with the main sequence happening in leaflet itself.

Along the way major tourist attractions appear on the map, and noteworthy quotes from speakers and world leaders transition in. We think it’s pretty cool.


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