Five cool ways to spruce up your video

Considering a corporate video?

You might believe that a corporate video will help your potential clients understand more quickly and visually what it is you do, how you add value to their business, and why they should use you instead of your competitors, but your competitors have a video too! So how do you make your corporate video different?

Talk to an agency that is able to provide some high production values (like us… small plug there)! Find an agency that can create something a little more innovative than people in a seat talking about how long the company has been operating, and then cutting to some other people tapping away at a computer.

Here are five effects to discuss with your video production agency that can really make your corporate video stand out.

Split Screen

This is where you can introduce several pieces of footage in a single shot, which enables you to get much more visual information on the screen at any one point, but in an interesting way that shows your corporate video really is a professional production.  We know that any video content should ideally be under two minutes in length in order to prevent any significant drop off in viewership, so imagine if in a few places you could add four times as much footage in the same number of seconds.  If that isn’t ‘more bang for your buck’ then we don’t know what is!

Example of split screen filming
Example of split screen editing

On-Screen Text

This seems quite a simple thing, but is arguably the most powerful.  When you are listening to people talk, sometimes you can lose key points as you’re following the narrative.  If there are really crucial messages that you want your audience to hear, retain and contemplate, putting them on screen using text can ensure that the words have the kind of impact that you hoped for.  Use a combination of fonts, weights, and transitions and effects to enhance the style and sophistication of the sequence.

On screen text examples
On screen text examples


This is really laborious and we wrote a whole big blog on it a while back, so check it out for all the technical information and explanation. But essentially rotoscoping is where you trace out an object or a person, put some graphics behind them, and then pop the person back in place. The graphics are then sandwiched between the background and the foreground, and it creates an absolutely fantastic effect that makes viewers go wow!  If you really think about the information and graphics that sit behind, it can have a huge effect on viewers in the same way as on screen text does, reinforcing the points that you want your audience to see and retain.

Example of rotoscoping
Example of rotoscoping

Motion Tracking

This is where you map the motion of objects, or subjects, in your video and you create graphics or text to follow that motion.  If you have lots of motion in your video then it is a phenomenal way of bringing that motion to life and combining it with graphics to create an impressive output that shows production values beyond many production companies and freelancers’ capabilities.  Again, we wrote a whole blog on this so check it out for all the detail and technical stuff.

Example of motion tracking
Example of motion tracking

Slow Motion

The ability to add slow-mo footage to a corporate video adds a certain elegance to your production.  In order to add slow-mo to your video, you need to make a decision before you start shooting. Why? Because you would normally shoot video at around 25 FPS – frames per second.  If you want to have slow motion footage in your video, you need to be shooting at at least 60 FPS.  Why?  Slowing down footage that has been shot at 25 FPS looks shaky because the gaps between each frame are greater.  If you shoot at a higher frame rate, the gaps are shorter and therefore the footage looks more stable.  So if you want slow-mo, you need to get the production company to flip settings before they start shooting, because afterwards is way too late.

Why do these things matter?

They matter because in an increasingly crowded world of video production you need to stand out somehow. You can achieve this in a number of ways. It might be an animated video or production idea that is out of this world.  But, if in reality you want a video to showcase your premises, product, service and your people, and it isn’t NASA headquarters that you work in, you might need a helping hand with some advanced post production techniques. Trust us, they can really make a massive difference to the look and feel of your edit, and ultimately the way your customers feel about your company and their desire to reach out to you.

If you want to work with an agency that has the vision and skills to deliver all of these elements, and more, and has a robust process to ensure your message is more sophisticated than a list of stuff you do, give us a call. We’ll throw around some creative ideas on how we can support you to reach more clients with a fabulous corporate video.


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