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By creating a client case study video as a lead generation tool, an order of over £350,000 was secured with a new customer!

Square Daisy have always been full of admiration for the engineering and manufacturing sectors.  There is always a problem to solve, and always a way to better engineer an existing solution. It’s a great industry to work in and very different to what we do.

We start with a blank canvas and work hard on behalf of our clients to explain their product or service in a better way. We create websites to increase the number of enquiries they receive, or sales they make, and optimise everything to ensure they are seen by the right people.

We recognise that many engineering companies are so focused on what they do best, designing and manufacturing solutions to problems, that marketing activities often take a back seat. This is where we can really add value to your work.

What can we help you with-

  • We design and develop custom websites. We don’t use templates because they are unstable. Instead we invest time establishing who your clients are and what they want.  We then show them how your product or service can change their lives. We build a seamless journey through your website that results in a conversion.
  • We have full video production capabilities in-house so we can film your products, machines, components or factory, or even animate something to best show off what you do.
  • We help you to reach more of your potential customers online using digital marketing tools. This helps to generate more leads for your sales team.

The engineering and manufacturing industries are very competitive, but as customers know most or all of the suppliers in the market, there doesn’t always appear to be the need to invest in a great website, or engaging video content.

So why is it worthwhile to look at doing these things?


  • First impressions count. If your website is dated, difficult to use and fails to work properly, it doesn’t foster much confidence in your ability to deliver a suitable product or service. Wow new customers with a professional website that draws the right people in.
  • Create opportunities for sales in new markets. High value digital marketing  makes it easier to engage with clients across the world, especially with the uncertainty around leaving the EU.
  • A compelling HD video that shows off components, machinery, products, and software is more effective that a physical brochure or static images.
  • A detailed series of video case studies demonstrate your credible track record. Show new customers that previous clients have had their own businesses improved because of what you do. Displaying value and positive impact can significantly increase the prospect of an order.
  • Show off your organisation as more dynamic, and with a greater desire to satisfy the needs of the customer than others who lack digital marketing.

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Recruiting Talent

A more effective website and media can really help with today’s war for talent in the engineering and manufacturing sectors. We produced a video for a not-for-profit organisation that aimed to highlight the challenges businesses face due to a lack of engineers entering the workforce, and a huge number leaving it because of retirement.  Four years on it is still a significant problem, and only set to be compounded by Brexit and arbitrary immigration targets. This means that companies in the sector need to position themselves very differently from their competitors, to attract the best and the brightest in the industry and safeguard the business long term.

Too often the answer to this recruitment headache is to create a single page on the website, list positions available, and a paragraph or two on the history of the company.  The next generation of engineers, Gen Y and the ‘Millennials’ want to feel as though they are joining a dynamic and forward thinking business that can help them to develop the skills and attributes they need in order to be the very best engineer they can be.

Having a compelling careers section and associated video content that explains:

  • Why they should come and work for you
  • How you support your community
  • How you treat your staff
  • Why you take a long term view of employee relations
  • Training and development and the progression opportunities available

will be a far more compelling message to send to this pool of eager young minds.

Why Us?

So what credibility do we have in this sector? After all we are just a digital agency developing subjective outputs. We’re not engineers that’s for sure, but we do have some experience that helps us to stand out from our peers.

We have worked with a number of engineering companies, from a small company in air conditioning to medium sized businesses that develop simulation software for the global oil and gas sector.  We have produced marketing videos for a company designing and manufacturing duct machines worth £2m up in the North East, and alongside a national combustion engineering membership organisation and their many, many members for several years. We’ve delivered case study videos for multinationals such as Omron and created showreels to highlight machine automation for global companies such as SMC International.  We’ve worked with companies that produce small components and those that create huge machines, with owner managers and directors of PLCs. 

No matter the size of the business we deal with or what they do, we feel confident that we have the experience and understanding of the sector to deliver honest advice, and add value to generate a significant return on an investment made with us.

One of our biggest successes was to deliver a client case study, which was sent to a series of potential customers.  Off the back of that being used as a great lead generation tool, an order of over £350,000 was secured with a new customer.  All from an investment  of £2500.

If you feel that your company would benefit from some updated, improved and effective digital marketing, we would very much welcome the opportunity to share some ideas with you and see how we can help to generate more quality business for your organisation.


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