One Special Event? Get Three Killer Videos for your Marketing Strategy.

Event videos are a great way to capture the excitement of the big day, encapsulating the happenings of the day and creating a buzz for the people who couldn’t make it. Fear of missing out – or “FOMO” as the kids say – can easily be triggered by showing your audience what they could have been at! They’ll be sure to attend the next event.


If your event is a momentous occasion it makes sense to maximise the return of investment, as undoubtedly the marketing budget has been stretched to make the day as successful as possible. If you’re thinking about getting an event video you should plan the content carefully so that you can come away with more bang for your buck.

Here’s a case study where we did exactly that for a client:

Omron are a leader globally in the industrial automated solutions market. They manufacture sensing and robotic technologies and have a vast portfolio of panel components and safety systems. The UK arm of the business, based in Milton Keynes has recently had a lot of investment – particularly in the launch of the new Omron Robotics Innovation Lab.

Omron contacted us to film the official opening of the lab so they could promote the event and let their clients and the wider industry know about their exciting new facility.

We proposed that while we were there capturing the launch event, we could spent the day gathering much more footage. So we planned, created and delivered three edits.

The first is a promo video to celebrate the launch of the robotics lab and wider investments in the facility, the second is a dedicated edit on the robotics lab and technology within, and the third edit is a more generic corporate promo for wider use by Omron sales teams.

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Launch Event PR Video

We filmed the whole public event, getting footage of the tape cutting, networking, talks and seminars, a demo of the robotics in the the lab and interviews with key delegates. It was important to capture key elements of the presentations, but these tend to not be the most visually engaging aspects, so we edited the footage together in an exciting way. By cutting away from the speakers to clips of the technologies in action, and interspersing the edit with on-screen text to reinforce the verbal messaging the audience is stimulated throughout. This video needed to be turned around super quickly so that Omron could share their exciting news straight off the back of the event.

Dedicated Robotics Edit

The second video we created was less time-sensitive and so could be a little more involved. When the public demo had wrapped up we went back to the lab to capture in more detail the technologies, functionalities, features and components. With a punchy soundtrack and lots of cool advanced post production techniques this video delivers highly engaging information about the robots and facility as a whole. We used motion tracking, camera tracking, on-screen text and graphic overlays to annotate the elements that benefitted from a little more detail. Even if you aren’t fluent in industrial automation lingo this is a great watch because we can all agree ROBOTS ARE COOL.

Corporate Promo Video

The third edit is a more grown-up affair: more generally about Omron as a business, their mission statement and the services and products they provide to the industry. The edit is structured around two talking heads from key people at Omron UK, and benefits from both the cutaways we gathered for the robotics video and the launch event video. We used motion tracking and rotoscoping we highlighted key quotes, and applied graphical overlays to illustrate key points. 

Omron’s market engagement is driven over multiple platforms, but in more recent years digital / social channel engagement is taking precedence and generating the highest levels of RoI. Professional, high impact video content is a key driver in the digital media space, where user attention can be a challenge to retain. Square Daisy provide an excellent end2end service from consultation to final production and fully supported us to realise and enhance our vision, with the final outcome exceeding our expectations. A pleasure to work with!

Dan Rossak, Regional Marketing Manager, Omron UK

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