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If you sell a product, one of the best ways to enhance engagement is through a product video. Whether it is B2B or B2C, showing a product in use, along with its features and benefits can make a huge difference to the number of people that buy it and become loyal customers.

Product videos for B2B and B2C.

If you’re selling a product, you want people to see it. A picture tells a thousand words.  There may be barriers to getting people to buy your product though.  If it is a new concept or overly complicated, people will need to see how it works to understand how it can be of use to them. 

If it is a product aimed at a particular segment of the market, it may need to be shown in use with an aspirational setting or market sector to engage the right type of purchaser. Whatever the ambition, product videos are becoming more and more prevalent and is something we can definitely help with.

Does a product video have to be a physical product?

Not at all. For instance software is a product but doesn’t lend itself well to ‘being filmed’ and needs more explanation around the way it works and the solutions it brings.  There are a whole range of things that a product video can be used for:

If you have a physical product that is designed for consumers you can deliver this in three core ways. 

The first is using a voiceover or on screen text that explains the features and benefits with shots of the product itself.  The second option is to create more of an advert, which demonstrates the product in use where the visuals do the talking. The third way is to use a presenter led approach- more like a review, explaining in the video the problems that the product solves, its features and any shortcomings. The product will come across as more credible and trustworthy to the viewer.

Whether the product is small or huge, creating a product video can be very helpful in engaging potential clients who failed to be engaged by text and still imagery used in traditional marketing.

When filming a product video, it is also cost effective to use the time on site filming to get footage for a second video which may be helpful to buyers, such as an instructional video on use or fitting.  Take a car seat for example, the main video might show all the benefits and the features, but having a video that shows the fitting instructions would require a negligible additional investment, but provide a great help to new purchasers of the seat.

Your product might be used as part of a wider system, for instance a water softener. While it might be great to have some explanation on the benefits of having one of these, viewers might be confused as to how it is actually fitted as part of the wider water system.  Having an animated segment which outlines how the whole thing works makes the decision to purchase much easier. Greater understanding means people can find more specific benefits to their own situation much more easily.

Create a campaign for your product video.

In fact, create lots of them. Similar to the campaign that was done for ‘Cadbury’s Creme Eggs – How do you eat yours?’.  A series of videos that was light hearted, honing in on people’s individuality, and tapping into something that was really powerful – the way we eat them, as we all have ‘our own way’.  A great campaign putting the product front and centre but finding an angle to make each video different and engaging.

“We still have this situation where firms are creating pamphlets showing off their products and what they can do. How do you get any traction on a pamphlet? If I call you and want to know more about your product, show me, don’t send me a brochure in the post. In three days I could have found another supplier. When people see it, they want it, so show them.”

Is a product video easy to put together?

Yes and no.  The great thing about a product video is that you don’t have to come up with the idea or concept – it is the product itself!  

If you are trying to film things like jewellery, watches or things with shiny surfaces, lighting it in such a way that it doesn’t glare is quite a challenge, requiring some extra thinking.  If you are trying to film things in tight spaces, such as boilers or car interiors, some thought as to the footage, lighting and equipment used is needed to make sure you deliver the right visuals.  If it is software, we always try and avoid live filming because of screen flicker, reflections an glare so perhaps an animated feature is more appropriate.

The key to a great product video is the storyboarding phase where we try and establish the most effective way of communication the core features and benefits of the project.

If the product has lots of hidden features how do you show them?

Now this is a very real consideration for any product video.  Whether it be clothing or technology, most of the ‘stuff’ is hidden out of plain site.  One way is to have a voiceover that explains specific features, but this can cause an issue with social media as often videos on various social channels are watched with the sound down.  The best way to combat this is to create the videos using some more advanced post production techniques such as onscreen graphics, motion tracking or rotoscoping – all of which can really help enhance the way the features and benefits are explained but also add a premium feel to the video. 

What is the next step for a product video?

The first thing is to meet up and talk about your product, the features and benefits and who is buying it, and who you want to start buying it.  We then establish what the really important messages are and storyboard around that. We aim to create a core edit that is really engaging and make the budget stretch as far as possible with secondary edits that will help the sales and on boarding process.  We’re positive that we have an approach that will work for you, show your product in the best light and turn the heads of your ideal customers.

Some of our Product Videos videos

Whether your product is physical or digital, large or small, B2B or B2C, let us help you to market it by showing off the features and benefits that it brings to users with a product video.

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