Plastfree – Web Advert

"It was a truly empowering experience to work with so many incredible women on a product that will hopefully change the plastic footprint of menstruation, period."
Amy Lulham - Head of Media, Square Daisy

After the success of the animated video we produced for Plastfree, they asked us to produce an advert to head up their marketing campaign. They were really keen to show real women interacting with the product, and to break conventions that are typically seen in the promotion of menstruation products. There is absolutely no rollerskating in white jeans and no blue alien liquid! Part of their brand identity embraces the reclaiming of words like blood, pain and period, so we embraced them too. It was also really important to Abi to represent a diverse range of people who have periods, so within a short casting timeline we recruited six powerful women – and a 3month old baby – to join the shoot.

Over the two day shoot we filmed with 3 different rigs, one over-head camera which produced the stylish flat-lay product shots, one wide angle shot against the infinity cove for the group shots, and then a whole series of shots against colour backdrops to punctuate the edit with colour. We coordinated multiple costume changes, and worked meticulously through the shot list and production schedule, flexing only to accommodate baby Robyn’s feeds and naps! The edit is fast paced, with an upbeat soundtrack and punchy on-screen text to optimise the edit for social media.

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