Pitch Videos

The value of a pitch for a project or investment can be huge. To give yourself the best chance of success and stand out from your competitors use a pitch video.

Pitch videos for projects and investment.

When you are invited to pitch for a project, whether that be a huge construction project or a tender to deliver IT support to a large business, you’ll be up against other talented companies. How can your presentation, or pitch stand out from the competition? 

Equally you might be looking for investment, either through a Crowdfunding site or direct to venture capital firms or high net worth investors.  Getting their attention, explaining the proposition and coming across as highly professional is critical.  What is the best way to do it?  A pitch video.

How can a pitch video improve my chances of a positive outcome?

  • Use animated video to explain how your process or workflow  separates you from your competition
  • Walk a buyer through your impressive premises 
  • Tell a story in a pre planned and consistent way that shows off your company ethos and culture
  • High level client testimonials can be very powerful in creating a sense of credibility
  • Wow them with a full feature video of your previous accomplishments
  • Coordinate with your key message structure with members of your team via video

There are lots of ways that we can help you to structure a pitch video so that you stand out amongst your rivals.  We want to really work with you to create an edit that demonstrates the effort and investment you have put into winning the pitch and delivers a set of clear messages and visuals that ensure you stand out.

Investment pitch videos are now pretty much essential for any Crowdfunding website, and very helpful in order to get an audience with venture capital firms, angels or high net worth individuals looking to invest.  They get hundreds of invitations to invest and simply don’t have time to read long business plans.  By having a pitch video:

  • Deliver core messages quickly, really honing it to the essentials
  • Use an animated video to break it down a complex product or service that is new to the market
  • Use full HD live footage to show off a visual product.
  • If the business is largely about you or the team, why not put them front and centre so that the passion you have ooze from the screen
  • Use motion graphics to mix up a proposition heavy with statistics, numbers or graphs

“There is a limit to how many of your team you can bring into a pitch, but with a video you can showcase all the depth of talent you have at your disposal without looking ‘mob handed’. When Apple launch a new product and wheel out all the big hitters, it grabs your attention and gives you comfort that you know all about the design, software, technology, engineering, materials……it’s effective.”

Okay, so what is the best way of producing a pitch video?

First off we have a conversation to see whether it is the right thing for you and your business, and right for the pitch you are attending. We’ll establish what budget you’re able to allocate to the video, because it has to make commercial sense. We would make it adaptable to be used as part of your marketing toolkit, increasing and extending the return on your investment.  We’ll work out together what the best approach is, and the key messages, your timeline and then go through our normal process of video production, which you can find here.

If you have a big pitch coming up, why not come and speak to us to see if we can’t help edge your chances up a little.


Some of our Pitch Videos videos

Are you looking for investment or going for a big contract? Why not talk to us to see how we can help you to bring the pitch to life using video.

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