The Surrey Chargers

We're believers that every company can do their small part for worthy causes, and we're grateful to Morrisons Solicitors for getting us involved with the amazing Surrey Chargers Mixed Ability team at Chobham Rugby Football Club, good luck guys!

We were introduced to Chobham Rugby Club by Morrisons Solicitors who have a great presence in their local communities, supporting charities and grass roots initiatives wherever possible. The Surrey Chargers were formed in 2016 by Mike O’Reagan and have built up a team of players formed of people who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to get involved in rugby, whether they have learning difficulties, developmental disabilities, physical impairments or just those who retired from playing due to aches, pains and ageing. Now that they have qualified for the International Mixed Ability Rugby Tournament, they need to fundraise to cover travel expenses, kit and insurance costs. To make people aware of the sport and the work they do, we offered to create a video for them to showcase their smashing team and coaches as a fundraising tool to push out to sponsor and supporters. We headed down to Chobham on the day Storm Dennis was due to hit and chased the guys around the pitch, thankfully diving into the changing rooms to do interviews before the heavens opened. To get into the action we utilised our GoPro and gimbal to film get dynamic, smooth, slow-motion shots.

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