Explainer Videos

There are occasions when you need to explain your product or service so that customers understand how it is different to what they might be used to. Product explainer videos can be crucial in converting those viewers.

Explainer videos for your business and your services.

Explainer Videos are a type of marketing video created to explain a complex product or service, or an offering that consumers may not be familiar with.

Animated explainer videos

Animated explainer videos are very helpful for businesses. They allow you to break down the message into easy illustrations that offer much more flexibility in delivering your business message.

You can use multiple scenes to show a snap shot of your business and how your business and services benefits their customers. Manufacturing industries work well with animated explainer videos, as often the parts of the product that do the cool things are hidden away or hard to understand. If your business isn’t very visual and does not have much to show on a live action video, you can use an animated explainer video to create something that is informative and will really engage your target audience. Some of the businesses that work best for this are office-based businesses such as accountants, recruitment, digital services, and products that aren’t physical or tangible – like software.

Live action explainer videos

Live action videos are perfect  for businesses that have something visual to be captured with traditional video production.  Examples that suit a live action explainer video are:

  • A new product that has lots of cool features, so people can see it in action
  • Technology that is hard to understand – or believe is possible – without seeing it work
  • Buildings or locations that are beautiful to behold
  • Any product that is an experience – a festival, escape room, or a luxury hotel
  • Food – people eat with their eyes first so if your thing is food and they can’t see it you are missing a trick!

If your business has a product or service that is brand new, explaining it visually will allow customers to buy-in from the get-go. Words often fail to captivate potential clients at the first instance, but videos are engaging. Consider how popular ‘unboxing’ videos are on YouTube. 

Even if your product or service isn’t brand new, using an explainer video to showcase your USP will enable customers to quickly understand why they should be choosing you, and not your competitors. Use your explainer video to challenge customers’ thinking and establish yourself as an authority figure.

“There are multiple occasions when your product or service needs some explanation. Not just because it is overly complicated or difficult to use, it might be completely new or have features that need to be explained in order to get the best out of it.  The most common explainer videos are for software so that customers can understand how to get the very best from them. If you explain it, the chances of getting a sale increase dramatically, and video is the best way to do that.”

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How are explainer videos made? 

It depends on the type of video and product, or service. Live action video production can either be filmed at your premises, or we can use our studio.  Some products or services may require context for them to make sense – like a garden fence being installed. And some products may shine more when they are the only thing in shot, like a brand new stylish glasses case. Remember, the key to this video is explaining the product in a way that will increase sales.

Our Process

  • First we organise a meeting to establish the key message for your video: Our team takes the time to learn about the product and service, what problem it solves and the benefits to your customers
  • Arrange finer details such as the shoot day, the shot-list and a complete storyboard, so you know exactly how your video will look
  • Location shoot
  • Post production: editing, audio mastering, colour grading,  soundtrack and/or voiceover 
  • If required, we can add additional elements to the edit such as inter-titles, lower third credits, motion tracking or on-screen graphics
  • Render, export and transfer – your video is ready to show to the world!

Go to our process page for a more detailed explanation of the steps we go through.

Our top tips for making the most of explainer videos

The great thing about explainer videos is that they can be used to drive traffic to your website and generate strong leads.

We recommend showing off the explainer video on your homepage so visitors quickly understand your product or service. You could also build a blog post around the video, and turn the release of your new product or service into a marketing campaign with the video at the centre.

We also suggest pushing it out on social media in order to maximise its potential. Quickly build up a network of shares and likes – as well as paid search results – so that the video begins to pay for itself. 

Social media is increasingly favouring video content over text and images, so it’s well worth considering posting your explainer video over a variety of platforms to increase your reach. The analytics and metrics from these websites are very powerful and will help you target a precise audience of potential customers.

  • Facebook adverts
  • LinkedIn
  • Sponsored Instagram posts
  • Twitter
  • Pay per click campaign through YouTube (which will be cheaper than Google Ads)

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You could use it as part of a presentation in your networking group, you can even use it at the start of a sales pitch, send to potential customers so they ‘get what you do’ quickly and embed it in your e-mail signature. Because how many times in a week can you deliver a professional 90 second pitch?


5 out of 5 stars

Examples of Explainer Videos

What Our Clients Say

Nicolle Kane - Marketing Manager, Memset

Square Daisy recently produced two videos, the team made the whole project painless and simple, from scriptwriting to storyboards. While the videos are part of the relaunch of the company next year, they have already proven a hit internally. And we're already planning more for next year! Could not recommend working with Square Daisy enough!

Russ Mckenzie - Managing Director, nTrust

We work with Square Daisy on both web and video projects and have always found them to be extremely professional and a joy to work with. While they are highly process driven to ensure clients get what they need first time, this doesn't compromise the creative way that they approach every project to ensure an engaging and innovative video production. Can't recommend them highly enough.

Olivia Pattullo - Project Manager, Experience Guildford

From the first meeting on, Jovan and Amy were total superstars and made us feel like the task was completely achievable and had really clear ideas about how they were going to present it all. Aside from making the whole process as easy as possible for us, we couldn't have been happier with the end result and were really impressed that such a brilliant product was delivered in very tight timescales.

Giles Thomas - Operations Director, The Manor Collection Hotels

We have contracted Square Daisy on several occasions to help market the Manor Collection Hotels. They have always been very professional and offered a fantastic service from proposal to completion. Jovan and Amy have been a delight to work with and we wouldn't hesitate recommending them to anyone.

Chris Veale - Director, Shippo

I can't talk highly enough of Square Daisy. Over the last couple of years they've made our business 4 fantastic videos. The first, an animated video to explain the service, has been viewed tens of thousands of times and has been a window to our service offering for potential customers. The others were 'talking heads' to allow us to explain more complicated aspects of the industry. The design, editing, videography and project management is exceptional and I will be using them again.

James Groves - Marketing Services Manager, Raven Housing Trust

We approached Square Daisy with a brief to produce a video that would help us get our messages across to our customers in a simple, yet engaging way. They absolutely nailed it. The animation video they produced for us is professional, quality, and it gets our messages across really well. It's been a pleasure working with Jovan and Amy, and we look forward to working with them on future projects.

Dave Povey - Founder and MD, Catchy

Recently had a video produced by square daisy for my new product. The service that I received from start to finish was 100%, couldnt fault them at all! Everything was done to how I imagined it and more, and the finished product was excellent. Would recommend them to anyone.

If you have a product, service or some software that would benefit from people understanding all of the features that it has, let us know and we'll help to explain it to them.

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