Explainer Videos

There are occasions when you need to explain your product or service so that customers understand how it is different to what they might be used to. Product explainer videos can be crucial in converting those viewers.

Product explainer videos for your business and your services.

Explainer Videos are a type of marketing video created to explain a product or service that consumers may not be familiar with.

Animated explainer videos

Animated explainer videos are very helpful for businesses. They allow you to use abstract screen shots that offer much more flexibility in delivering your business message. Industries that work well with animated explainer videos are those that manufacture products, as often the parts that do the cool things are hidden away. If your business does not have much to show on a live action video, for example solicitors or accountants, you can use an animated explainer video to create something that is informative and will really engage your target audience.

Live action explainer videos

Live action videos are perfect  for businesses that have something visual to be captured with traditional video production.  Examples of products and services that suit a live action explainer video are:

  • A new type of toilet that has lots of cool features being filmed so people can see it in action (but not too much action!)
  • Smart phone or tablet cases with battery pack that would benefit from a visual demonstration
  • Beauty products so that users can see immediate effects
  • Guided tours of buildings and homes
  • Many more…

If your business has a product or service that is brand new, explaining it visually will allow customers to buy-in from the get-go. Words often fail to captivate potential clients at the first instance, but videos are engaging. Consider how popular ‘unboxing’ videos are on YouTube. 

Even if your product or service isn’t brand new, using an explainer video to showcase how you are achieving something differently will enable customers to quickly understand why they should be choosing you and not your competitors. Use your explainer video to challenge customers’ thinking and establish yourself as an authority figure.

“There are multiple occasions when your product or service needs some explanation, not because it is overly complicated or difficult to use, it might be completely new or have features that need to be explained in order to get the best out of it.  The most common explainer videos are for software so that customers can understand how to get the very best from them. If you explain it, the chances of getting a sale increase dramatically, and video is the best way to do that.”

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How are explainer videos made? 

It depends on the type of video and product, or service. Live action video production can either be filmed at your premises, or we can use our studio. 

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For a product like a revolutionary toilet seat we would film in the showroom, giving the customer a feel of your business overall. 

Our Process

  • First we organise a meeting to establish the key message for your video: Our team takes the time to learn about the product and service, what problem it solves and the benefits to your customers
  • Arrange finer details such as the shoot day, the shot-list and a complete storyboard, so you know exactly how your video will look
  • Post production editing
  • If required, we can add additional elements to the edit such as motion tracking or on screen graphics. Plus a soundtrack or voiceover 
  • Your video is ready to show to the world

Go to our process page for a more detailed explanation of the steps we go through.

The great thing about explainer videos is that they can be used to drive traffic to your website and generate strong leads.

We recommend showing off the explainer video on your homepage so visitors quickly understand your product or service. We also suggest pushing it out on social media in order to maximise its potential. Quickly build up a network of shares and likes, as well as paid search results, so that the video begins to pay for itself.  You can even use it at the start of a sales pitch, send to potential customers so they ‘get what you do’ quickly and embed it in your e-mail signature.  Because how many times in a week can you deliver a professional 90 second pitch?

Our top tips for making the most of explainer videos

  • Facebook adverts
  • Twitter
  • Pay per click campaign through YouTube (which will be cheaper than Google Ads)

To find out more about how we can not only create great explainer videos but make sure through you get a return on investment call us and ask about our Visibility Package.

Some of our Explainer Videos videos

If you have a product, service or some software that would benefit from people understanding all of the features that it has, let us know and we'll help to explain it to them.

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