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“Material Design makes more liberal use of grid-based layouts, responsive animations and transitions, padding, and depth effects such as lighting and shadows”

We were approached by GoReply to help make their exhibitor space stand out at a Google Cloud Conference. The video was going to be played on a screen at the stand in a large exhibition space and any audio was going to be difficult to hear, so we opted for a text based motion graphic edit. We thought it would be great to use the Google ‘material design’ system for the style.

It was conceived to make user experience and user interface design on web based products much easier to navigate – the great thing is that this style translates to video really brilliantly.  The video production has constant motion, which makes it really interesting visually through the delivery of a constant pace. 

We approached it by asking several questions that represent the challenges clients were most concerned about.  These would really resonate with the audience walking past, instantly creating a connection and make them stop and watch some more. The video explains how Go Reply overcome challenges and deliver outcomes using Google products and services.  To keep with the Google theme we used their icon suite so that everything was on brand.

To make sure the video  had longevity beyond the exhibition, we created a secondary version that had more of the GoReply branding on, and contact details to encourage engagement when viewed elsewhere on the web. We also added a soundtrack that the animated video was timed to, so when viewed on social media or the client website, it added a level of quality and enjoyment for the viewer.


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