Royal College of Surgeons – Impact Review 2017

The video has been received exceptionally well by members, who have contacted the College to express their positive comments. On YouTube the video has been watched over 700 times in just a week, and on Facebook the video has reached nearly 4000 people.

Our clients at at the Royal College of Surgeons release an Annual Impact Review which updates the members and lets them know what the college has been doing in the last year, and what their plans are for the year ahead. In previous years the review has been released as a 50 page PDF which takes time to read and digest, so the purpose of the video was to engage the audience and raise awareness of the benefits of being a Member and the importance of the work that the College does behind the scenes.

We approached the project by asking members what their experience of the College was so that the Members watching resonated with the messages and the perspective. We collected positive soundbites which we’ve woven together around a narrative of ‘support throughout the surgical career’, from medical school, via research funding through to events.

We filmed on two locations on two day shoots, capturing a wide range of voices. To tie the edit together with the Impact Review website and PDF, we used graphics cards to show off key statistics. These punctuate the edit, allowing the viewer a break from listening to talking heads, and adding visual interest. We also took candid footage of the contributors to introduce them in a more natural setting. To emphasise the positive and poignant quotes, we used on-screen text in-line with the brand guidelines.

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