City Hire Animated Promo

"It's been impressive working with you and seeing the project delivered on time, on budget."

City Hire came to us with a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve.  As industry leaders in hire standards it has invested in developing a new website and app which will set a new benchmark within the tool hire industry.

To support the website and app launch campaign and to develop ongoing awareness, City Hire came to us looking to develop a short animated promo video that explains the key elements of its service being delivered through its new digital platform.

It was great to work with City Hire as they had really thought about the messaging and had even sketched a few storyboard ideas. We built on their clear brand ethics, tone and enthusiasm to tighten the script and make it really visual and engaging.

We used characters to create empathy with the video audience, and found a balance between an approachable style with a realistic anatomy so that they are not overly childish or cartoon-like. The tools are detailed enough that they are recognisable and have creditability, but simplified enough that they will not over complicate the edit and detract from the messaging.

Our clients loved the final output! The video works brilliantly to promote the new app and website in an exciting and concise way, and sits well within the overhauled brand and website.

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5 out of 5 stars




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