RCS – Improving Surgical Training Pilot

It is always important with such an established and esteemed brand that the animated graphics match the tone of the institution. We worked closely with the brand guidelines and the marketing team to ensure the video sits coherently on their website and alongside their other collateral.

The Royal College of Surgeons came to us with a need to promote the launch of a brand new pilot scheme for Surgical Trainees.

They needed reach more of its members, and present the new scheme in an innovative and exciting way to ensure that it had plenty of applicants. We produced an animation that covered all key messages and kept the audience engaged. As the surgical background is a highly educated and intellectual audience we needed to keep the visual style from being too childish, while still being broadly recognisable. We used icons and spent time building in the illustrations in a subtle and smooth way. We created interesting and textured background, utilising gradients and texture throughout.

The institution has a prominent social media presence and as such we included on-screen text throughout to emphasis key points. The video has performed well, with over 3000 views on Facebook and 800+ views on YouTube (up to the closing date for applications).


Our current Online Summary Rating Score is below (As of October 2019, Rating Score is out of 5)

Square Daisy average rating: 5/5 (24 reviews)

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