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When what you do is complex or niche, it's hard to sell your service. By creating a series of blogs and videos on the areas of your business you can educate your potential customers and create demand.

Part of the Reply group, Portaltech Reply are specialists in delivering end-to-end e-commerce solutions. They came to us with a need to reach out to more customers, so we planned a series of videos to accompany blogs and push out on their social media channels. This video forms part of the series, and covers the topic of Social Commerce.

The video is comprised of two parts – a talking head section that explains the premise and backs it up with research and statistics. During the talking head section we switched between angles to keep the viewer engaged and reinforced the messaging by adding key points as on-screen text. The walkthrough element of the video we demonstrate how social media plays a big role in the customer journey.  The scenario shows the customer first seeing the item on social media, getting a push notification when they are passing the shop with an incentive to buy, using their mobile device to scan the item, and checkout using a mobile checkout app. The process goes full cycle when the customer posts a review of their purchase on social media. As a lot of the narrative of this sequence happens on a device, we opted for on-screen graphics, which are camera tracked and composited in-situ within the frame so that the audience can see the screen clearly, and understand the role of the device in the real world application. 

The combination of video effects means that the video is really informative, but also interesting to watch.

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