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What a great team to work with. Very professional and experienced, and not afraid to say what will work and what won't work which is what you need as a customer and need that guidance. Thanks Square Daisy for a fab video final result. We will be back!

Wordshark is an educational programme for 5-16 year olds to help them with spelling, reading and general literacy skills. Historically, it was distributed via a CD or USB where it had to be installed locally onto the schools server. For 2019, Wordshark are bringing their industry leading product into the 21st century and launching an online version of Wordshark. As such, they wanted an animated explainer/promotional video to push sales and raise the profile of the brand new service offering.

The approach for the animation was to create something engaging and eye-catching that showcases all of the new features of Wordshark, whilst reassuring schools that the features they know and love are still integrated. The animation establishes the credibility of the brand, and identifies some of the problems that teachers and mentors have when teaching mixed ability groups. The animation highlights the key features and benefits with a bright, character-driven narrative to build empathy and emphasise the brand as an accessible and friendly route to learning. The new Wordshark Online is shown by simplified and stylised mock-ups to show how the system works in a stylish, effective and info-graphical way.


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5 out of 5 stars

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