"These guys are getting hundreds of investment memos each week to read, so you have to find a way of cutting through so they get to see the opportunity you have. For them clicking on a link and viewing a video on the phone while in the airport or driving to a meeting is easy and increases the chances of getting over the first hurdle - them finding out about you and your proposition."

MiSports is a revolutionary new technology portal that allows normal golfers to access online coaching like never before.  It also allows coaches to reach more potential trainees than is usually possible.

The founder of MiSports was looking for investment into the business to allow for the mass marketing, initially in the UK market, but also the global market.  There was a realisation that producing detailed business plans and lengthy written collateral was proving ineffective as the investors that were being engaged were reluctant to read the ‘heavy’ information at this stage.  In addition to this, a huge part of investment into any business is the chemistry that an investor has with the business owner, and  as such being able to see them prior to a meeting on video to get a sense of their personality is a great way of  improving the chances of a positive outcome.

We worked with MiSports to take what is a complicated proposition as nothing like this currently exists, and distil it into a sub-five minute production that explains the key principles that need to be explained to potential investors.

  • The Opportunity
  • The Background
  • The Platform
  • The Market
  • The Revenue Model
  • Next Steps

We kept the production very simple, using a white backdrop and a single camera position allowing viewers to concentrate on the key messages rather than being distracted by other footage.  This also allowed us to easily break up the different segments of the video using simple graphics cards to introduce the next section of content.  Where we moved into the realm of heavy statistics or numerous figures, it was important we made it easy for the viewer to absorb these and explain them in context, and as such we added some simple infographics that brought fairly anodyne figures to life.

The video has been very successful in two senses.  The first is that it has enabled Craig Boucher of MiSports to get in front of more investors, more quickly than otherwise would have been possible, and it has also increased the number of ‘quality’ meetings that have taken place, through allowing high net worth investors and angels to ‘hear’ the pitch at their own leisure rather than sift through documents.


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