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"We had limited funds so when the team at Square Daisy suggested a way of using a single budget for two outcomes, it really helped us to achieve much more for less."

Element Twenty is a new technology platform that helps small and micro business start ups to get the information that they need to give them the best chance of succeeding in their business venture.  Part of the problem the company had with attracting investors to meet with the organisation was being able to concisely explain what the platform actually did and how it actually helped.

As with any start up, budgets are tight, and with an exhibition coming up to gain some traction with potential users we tried to kill two birds with one budget by producing an explainer video that was also used as part of the pitching process to get people to understand the proposition and then explain the opportunity.   We had to create a video that worked for an exhibition as well as with individuals at their laptops.  With exhibition videos there are a few rules that need to be followed (read the blog here) one of which is to have no sound, as in a packed exhibition hall you can’t hear anything.   You do however need to make it engaging enough to keep people watching it on a laptop with you until the end.

Based on this we put together a typography video which incorporated iconography to keep it interesting.  We also applied an audio bedding (or soundtrack) so that for those watching not at the exhibition, it was a pleasant viewing experience.

Because we were able to use a single budget to deliver a video for two uses, it meant that the company didn’t have to compromise on one over the other, but based on our approach we didn’t dilute the messaging so it missed both target audiences.


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