Holmethorpe Lagoons

“We think the outcome is rather lovely. It’s a calming and pleasing video which celebrates the wildlife in a refreshing and contemporary style.”

This project allowed us to flex out motion-tracking muscles, and shows how a promo video needs to be eye-catching, captivating and engaging without having to compromise on message or quality.

We approached this video as if it was a promotional video for the Surrey Wildlife Trust who maintain the site. This gave the video some structure and allowed for text integration into the very visual landscape. This technique is very useful for a promo video, as they are often pushed out on social media, and watched without audio, meaning that if a voiceover is relied upon to deliver the message it could get lost.

Despite being so close to Square Daisy HQ it wasn’t without its problems – filming wildlife requires a lot of patience! There was a need to have exquisite shots and the agility to re-frame the shot to accommodate the moving nature that we were trying to film. Additionally, we had to consider the placement of text on screen and the effectiveness of the shot for motion tracking, which maps the motion of the subjects in your video footage and enables you to create graphics or text that follow that motion.



5 out of 5 stars

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