Portaltech Reply series – Empathy Marketing

Portaltech Reply are part of the Reply group, and specialise in delivering end-to-end e-commerce solutions. They came to us with a need to reach out to more customers, and to communicate their highly technical offering to the decision-makers in the companies they work with.

Together with Portaltech Reply we planned a series of videos to distribute on their social media channels and accompany blogs on the topics. This video forms part of the series, and covers the topic of Empathy Marketing.

Because the script talks about customers throughout, and we wanted to represent a wide range of consumers – we opted to source relevant stock footage to reduce the filming locations and actors required. To embellish and add value to the narrative, we added motion tracked graphics, on-screen text, and united all the footage with a branded graphic vignette.

At several points motion tracking, rotoscoping or camera tracking is used to add context and interest to the scenes in a really engaging and fresh way. As digital screens play an increasingly important role in our daily lives and interactions, video production has developed ways of visually showing these interactions. We integrated floating screens and digital elements into the scenes so that they sat in the environment, rather than being simply overlaid. The overall effect is really effective at communicating the relationship between consumers, their devices and retailers.

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