"When you create a pitch video that opens up the meeting, it changes the dynamics, moving very quickly from being a process of pumping information to a client which switches them off, to getting across your proposal quickly without any of the rubbish and then taking questions to give them information that they want to know. Ensures a much, much better outcome."

BeAddictive are an arm of Addictive Interactive, a very successful and innovative technology who were one of the first technology businesses to create a social network.  Building on this technology they put together a loyalty scheme for businesses, but that was delivered online as opposed to using a card, stamps or another kind of physical system.

The business was approaching large retailers predominantly in order to try and engage them with the programme. With these types of businesses, the decision maker that you need to get to is several steps down the line and when you do get in front of them you have very little time for the pitch as they are busy and get numerous requests for meetings from every man and his dog trying to sell to them.   One of the issues that they were finding when they went into these places was that getting online to show them the system was sometimes difficult with security and permission issues, burning valuable time.  Equally because of the time pressures, the actual presentation varied in quality and consistency which sometimes resulted in critical information being omitted or not given the ‘airtime’ it deserved.

To mitigate these issues we created a video for the business that was embedded in a presentation, so that they could open every presentation with the content they deemed was absolutely necessary, in a compelling and visual way.  The opening pitch was consistent every single time and contained the information that was absolutely necessary, which allowed the meeting to progress swiftly to detailed and contextual questions which created a more consultative meeting rather than a traditional ‘pitch’.

This process achieved all our objectives set before the project:

  • Mitigated any technology and connectivity issues
  • Ensured consistency of every single pitch
  • Created an entry point to a consultative meeting
  • Removed the need for any dull powerPoint presentation
  • Was useful as a follow up link for key people unable to make the meeting
  • Enhanced the professionalism and credibility of the brand

BeAddictive has since turned into Addictive Points and gone from strength to strength, engaging many, many huge brands to the scheme.


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