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“There are so many benefits to having a suite of training videos for your company. They ensure the training is consistent for every employee. They are also entirely scalable, so the more staff that view them, the lower the cost per head for training becomes.”

This video was commissioned for a client in the digital sector to support corporate health and safety training on Display Screen Equipment. To make the content more engaging we shot with a green screen and used chroma key to composite text and graphics behind the presenter. We also demonstrated the topics being described by the presenter with a variety of cutaways of an actor, role playing the injuries and working environment.

Having Training videos mean that staff can train at their desk, at home or anywhere there is an internet connection, reducing costs in terms of time and logistics.  They also allow you to create scenarios or situations that you control meaning that you don’t need to rely on chance to get the best training modules possible.

The final video uses a combination of camerawork, motion graphics, chroma key and time-lapse to accompany areas of the script which need illustrating visually. The camera used is a Canon 5D, with a glide track for smooth tracking shots. The motion graphics and chroma key compositing were achieved in After Effects. The continuity and flow of the piece is tied together by cutting between talking head footage of the presenter, resulting in an engaging and informative video.

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