“Animated product videos are best used to explain complicated technology, components which are hidden or showcase scenarios which are tough to actually film.”

This video was developed for Aframe, a powerful cloud video platform, to showcase one of their workflows for the media and entertainment sector. 

Aframe put together a cloud storage and file transfer platform for the television broadcast industry to improve the workflow for processing sharing and remote working. They wanted an animated video to explain the product – and the services it provides – so that the decision makers in the video production industry could understand the proposition and the benefits of investing.

There are a couple of slightly different services offered by the platform specific to different parts of the industry, and Aframe wanted product videos for each workflow.

Each video has a relaxed pace, to allow the viewer to take in all the information, which is technical in places. They are unified by a graphical, icon style which fits with the contemporary branding, and delivers the message in an uncomplicated way. All vector assets were developed by Square Daisy and animated using AE and FCPX. Voiceover recorded in house and audio bedding selected from library music.


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