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“I have just completed a large project with Square Daisy for a client, consisting of two videos and a bespoke website . The process from start to finish is excellent.”

As part of their new marketing campaign Clear ERP came to us to ask about and new website and video production. Alongside the web project we produced one video to explain and sell the benefits of their core service and product to potential customers, and a second video for Financial Directors who often bring their preferred option to a company.

The product isn’t very visual so we opted for animated video, and represented the benefits and functionality through the language of Material Design by Google. This worked well for a consistent house style across both video and web as Material Design is a design system for operating systems and applications, actions and responses are thought out thoroughly to emphasise clear communication and usability. This functionality and clear messaging should appeal to the financial directors who the video is aimed at. We wanted to ensure that the financial directors or business consultants would be able to recommend Clear ERP and NetSuite to their clients, effectively adding them to the sales force to increase the reach.

The final video is colourful, fun and fluid, whilst getting the message across in a clear way. The pace keeps the video interesting throughout, and the visualisation of the software is tactile and representative without being explicit, making sure that the videos have a good longevity.


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Square Daisy average rating: 5/5 (24 reviews)

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