CEA Technical Boilerhouse Conference 2017

"Brilliant video, very professional, short, sharp and to the point… hits the essence of what the CEA is about and of the benefits.  Very well done.  This will go far in the promotion of the CEA and the conferences."

The Combustion Engineering Association is an educational not-for-profit organisation that works in the realm of combustion engineering.

Their regular conferences are very technical in nature and explore the legislation and health and safety. The CEA asked Square Daisy to create a promotional video for their conferences to highlight what they represent and why it is important for members and non-members to attend.

Whilst this is a fairly simple brief, making an information-dense video visually engaging is a challenge. We worked with Dave and Julie to identify what were the important aspects to capture and drew up a comprehensive production schedule. This meant on the day we knew what footage we needed, we took a full lighting and sound rig for the interviews, slider to deliver motion shots of exhibits, a GoPro camera for time-lapse and multiple DSLRS for general HD footage.

In the post production we added split screen, time-lapse, on-screen motion graphics, time re-mapping and colour grading to really enhance the video.


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