"It is an honour to be associated with a production for an organisation so well known as NATO, a behemoth of an entity, but you have to remember that you are helping them to pitch an idea that can help shape geopolitics, and keep your feet on the ground. We helped NATO to literally visualise their plans for a new structure, from an office in Redhill. That's pretty special and proves that anything is possible."

One of the most exciting projects that we’ve had the good fortune to work on is a video for NATO through another client of ours.  The IISS are a Defence and Security think tank, with offices located across the globe but headquartered in London.  They were advising NATO on how to re-shape their structure on order to be better prepared for the world with very different threats than those faced at its inception.

Now while this wasn’t explicitly a pitch video, it was more of an explainer video, we have included it in the pitch section of the site because of the brief that we were given. The video was to be shown at the NATO Transformational Conference in Budapest, which had all of the top brass in the organisation present, and was the best opportunity to propose changes to the way the alliance operated.  They wanted to engage attendees quickly using a visual mechanism that would break down the new structure easily, but also to deliver the context of the need to change.

We identified that we wanted to have no voiceover so that we could emphasise the key messages on screen, but we had to be wary of the fact that the vast majority of delegates in the room were not native English speakers and as such, the pace that the text appeared and remained on screen had to be slower than normal to ensure it was read, understood and digested.

We used motion graphics as the primary approach with a ‘low-poly’ style applied to the graphics and the background to generate a modernity to the production while integrating an undulating ‘terrain’ feel, linked to military thinking very often.

One of the best things about this project was that when we received confirmation that the final edit had been approved and signed off, it was from the ‘Supreme Allied Commander – Transformation’……is that not the coolest job title to get sign off from!


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