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What kind of clients look for video production?

There are three types of enquiries that we receive with regards to video production:

Client One:

The client gets in contact and says “I want to produce a corporate video, which is music to our ears!  However, when we say “why do you want a video” they answer with “well, because everyone has a video these days don’t they?”  This is a terrible reason for requesting a video! But at least they know the value of video, which just leaves us to establish how a video will help them to deliver some firm objectives.

Client Two:

The second enquiry is the client who contacts us for a corporate video and then proceeds to explain to us in great detail every single shot, or every animated video scene that they have imagined for the video.  However, mostly the client doesn’t have any experience in the field and as such many of the suggestions they make are either not possible without a Hollywood film crew (or expertise only available in Pixar Studios!). We’ve heard ideas that are too convoluted, too boring, too complex, don’t offer any value, or require us to travel to so many different locations the budget ends up at around £15,000!  We admire the enthusiasm 100% and appreciate that our client has bought into the process, but so long as we understand your business fully (through the production workshop) we can lead on the how to put the video together to get the best impact with your audience.

Client Three:

The third type of client calls us knowing that they want a video. They have a firm ‘subject or topic’ that they want to to focus on, perhaps an explainer video to demonstrate to their customers what they do or how their product or service works. Alternatively a corporate video to introduce themselves as a business.  However they have no idea of what their video production should look like, the content, the style or the process of making it.  This is absolutely fine as that is what you pay any agency worth their salt to do for you, and it is what we do for our customers.

Which type of client is the best?

Well all of them, put simply.  The first client recognises that video, whether corporate video, explainer video, or any kind of video content is a really powerful platform to convey your messages; they just haven’t got to the detail yet.  This is great as we don’t have to ‘sell’ the benefits of video, they already know it.

The second client is really enthusiastic, which is brilliant as it means we avoid the apathy that can occasionally sneak in with some clients during the project.  They buy-in to the whole idea and want to be proactive – we salute the proactive approach and can definitely work with that.

The third client type is similar to the first, but has a more focused idea of what they need the video production for, and how they will deploy it. They struggle with a creative mechanism of what kind of video production is best and need to engage with a professional video production company in order to deliver the final output.  These are great clients as they are happy to be led by us after we have extracted the relevant information from them.

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What does a great client look like?

A great client is the one that knows:

If you want help to understand more about how video can help your business and want to work with a professional video production company that can guide you through all the pitfalls, contact us and we’ll make sure we’re the  best kind of supplier’ you can find!

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