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Well two months on we now have a drone so we can really step up the service that we can offer to our clients and really separate ourselves from the competition. Its quite often that we find ourselves out on a shoot and desperate to deliver a sense of scale and proportion to the viewer, but its very difficult to do that without height. We’ve been on shoots and managed to get on a walkway inside a factory in Newcastle, perhaps a nearby rooftop in London or even inside a cage in a cherry picker in Scarborough, but you’re always limited to health and safety legislation (and quite rightly!) but you’re also bound by that fixed foundation that you find yourself standing on. With the drone, we don’t have any limits.

If we’re outside we can reach unbelievable heights, showing off a huge urban development or the beauty of an 18 hole course on a summers day. If we’re inside, we can hover the drone above machinery in a factory or follow a production line from a birds eye view, such is the stability of the drone.

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We took it out for a spin last week after having invested much time and effort into bolting on all the bits that we needed, including having a part 3D printed so it could hold the screen securely. We can use a real time camera to see what the Phantom 2 Vision + drone is seeing or an iPad to pre calculate the route that the drone is to take enabling a smooth path. The drone itself is fitted with an HD GoPro camera on a gyroscopic gimbal that holds the shot so, so steadily.

We are going to be posting more soon on clients we use the drone with so keep posted but we’ve attached a really rough video that we knocked up in 20 minutes to show the footage gathered on a very windy day with a very nervous and inexperienced pilot!

If you think you or your business could benefit from our drone, why don’t you give us a call. At the very least we like to talk about it!

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