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How to make the complex simple? This is a conundrum pondered by every sales and marketing department, particularly within manufacturing companies. How to explain features and benefits of products that are intricate, complicated or innovative.

The phrase “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million”, was coined by Troy Olson, Digital Advertising Manager, and Jeff Loquist, Search Marketing Manager, for

Video is the answer to that conundrum. Videos really do make the complex simple and is a means of communication that is being adopted by more and more companies at the cutting edge of their industry. So, it’s not surprising that a Hubspot infographic states ‘The high tech and manufacturing industries publish the most new videos’.

5 uses of video for Engineering or Advanced Manufacturing companies

Here are five examples of the types of videos that can be really effective for this sector.

1. Case Studies

Story telling is a powerful way to build a brand. Stories draw people in gaining their curiosity, attention and ultimately their loyalty.

Case studies are short stories. When brought to life through video, they are a quick and easy way to explain how customers’ problems have been solved, showing the solution (your product) in action.

Customer reviews are trusted as much as a personal recommendation, so if your client is prepared to feature in your video, even better.

2. Talent Acquisition

Skilled engineers are in high demand and manufacturing companies need to compete to attract the best.

A recruitment video showing off your company and culture will attract strong candidates for key roles and can deliver a significant return on investment through just a single successful hire.

3. Product Promotion

There’s no way that the written word can do justice to a product, machinery or factory. A photo goes a long way to bringing these things to life, but it’s only video that will do the job properly.

A video shows the viewer exactly what it is you produce, how you produce it and where you produce it. More information or technical specifications can be provided using advanced on-screen graphics.

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Another statistic from Hubspot states. ‘73% More Visitors Who Watch Product Videos Will Buy’. We acknowledge the percentage probably decreases as the price of the product increases, but it still demonstrates the power of actually seeing a product in action.

4. Company promo

At conferences, exhibitions or sales presentations a video introducing the company and senior members of the business explaining the core proposition, brings a personal touch and resonates with customers. This is especially effective if they are not free to attend the day.

Virtual tours of a manufacturing sites can help international clients make a decision before taking a long-haul flight to meet suppliers in the UK.

5. Animated explainer

When technology is intangible animated video is the answer.

Rather than using poor quality internal production, diagrams and text, an animated video is a great way to explain complex technology in a simple and easily understandable format.


Now that we’ve solved the conundrum of making the complex simple, you know what to do!

In our blog Is there a mismatch between your business and your website? we consider the problem of highly technical companies letting themselves down by out-dated websites. Part of the solution to correct this mismatch is using quality videos to tell company stories.

Once we’ve created a video for a client, we believe in helping them gain the most from their investment. As an example, here are 10 ways that video can be used.

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