How to maximise the return on investment from your video

Your video may only run for a couple of minutes, but the time and effort that has gone into creating it is significant.

The thought that goes into the planning, the discussions about what you want to achieve and the actual process of production amount to many hours of resource.

And, let’s not forget the financial investment too.

Your video will have been created for a specific purpose, such as a product explainer or corporate introduction, but having invested in the video let’s look at some alternative ways in which you can make it work even harder for you.

10 ways to use your video

1. Presentations

Adding a video to your presentations adds a different dimension and keeps your audience interested.

If you only have a 5-minute slot to present at a networking event, your video can get your message across quickly and succinctly.

If the presentation is longer, a video within your PowerPoint slides provides you with a short break and your audience with a different medium to keep their focus.

2. Proposals

A lengthy document can become tedious to read, and especially if the subject is complex, adding your video to the PDF will break up the paragraphs and help explain your point. If your competitors haven’t thought of this, it will also make your proposal stand out from the crowd.

3. Tenders

Tenders can sometimes be restrictive on word count. Adding a video can overcome this, enriching the information you can include. Visual proof adds weight to your tender and could tip the balance for success.

4. Email Signature

The bottom of an email offers a great opportunity to enhance your brand. Add a link to your video here and alternate them over the months.

5. Video Brochures

If you’d like to give your prospective customer something to remember you by, forget the traditional hard copy brochure, present them with a box that opens to reveal your video. That will definitely impress!

6. Email Marketing

You can’t send a video via email as most email clients won’t allow this, but you can add the url to your video within the email. In most email marketing systems, when you add the url it will pull through a thumbnail image and overlay it with a play button icon. The recipient of your email can click the thumbnail and watch your video in a new browser window.

7. Websites

Suggesting that you add your video to your website may sound rather obvious, however it amazes us how often we hand over a video and it remains only on YouTube.

There are many reasons why you should add videos to your website, not least that it helps to drive traffic and quickly captures the web visitors attention.

8. Social Media

Within a social media feed of photos and words, moving images catches the eye, so post your video on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter or whichever is the most relevant platform for your customers.

Don’t forget to ask your colleagues to post and retweet to get even more ‘bang for your buck’!

9. Exhibitions

If you are using your video at an exhibition, be mindful that it will probably have to play without sound. You can modify your video by adding subtitles.

10. YouTube

According to Lifewire, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google and the 3rd most visited site after Google and Facebook. So, why wouldn’t you add your video to YouTube!
Be sure to complete all the fields so that it’s optimised for SEO (search engine optimisation). This increases the chance of your video being found.

Share your video

Not all these suggestions may be appropriate for reusing your video, but hopefully it’s given you some good ideas for getting extra mileage from you video and increasing the return on your original investment.


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