Video Marketing Timeline Infographic

Video Marketing, like all things in the 21st century, came as a surprise when data started showing the exponential growth that comes with implementing it as a marketing strategy. The first viral video was posted online more than 20 years ago. Ever since then, it has become a staple strategy among digital platforms. Videos that only used to be accessible through bulky VHS tapes, are now viewable using any smartphone that has an internet connection. Facebook, with its penchant for simplicity in its layout, has even aided in the ubiquity of video materials. As our attention span diminishes, creativity in capturing attention, and retaining it for the first three seconds, has become an increasing skill required of a digital marketer.

Check out this infographic by the Website Builder team to show you why videos are praised  as the future of marketing and can help you keep up with this growing trend.

127-Video-marketing-facts timeline


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