Morrisons Solicitors – Wheelers Merger Announcement

It's important to get an announcement of a merger or acquisition right, because it sets the tone for the whole partnership. We spent time at both firms and interviewed the equity partners to hear from both sides of the merger.

Our clients at Morrisons Solicitors are growing across Surrey, and their latest expansion comes in the form of Wheelers Solicitors. Wheelers are a successful firm with three branches on the Blackwater Valley, and a great match for Morrisons. We took our two camera set up to all three Wheelers offices and interviewed two of the equity partners, to hear how excited they are about the merger. We also gathered some cutaways from inside the office to mix up the edit, and headed back to Redhill to interview the managing partner of Morrisons. The video was released as part of a press release and LinkedIn campaign to announce the joining of the firms to their clients, ensuring the messaging around the subject was measured and controlled.

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