Omron – Promotional Product Video

"The edits look great, many thanks for your efforts. The motion graphics look really good." Dan Rossek, Region Marketing Manager - Omron UK

Omron are a global company with a vast range of electronic products ranging from components for circuit boards to huge assembly line robots for mass production. Based in Milton Keynes, their UK head quarters has a robotics lab which is used to demonstrate to their client the capabilities of some of their product range, as well as testing a concept before and order is placed. In August 2019 they got the chance to borrow an exciting new addition to the Omron offering – an autonomous mobile robot with a robot arm! This meant that the restrictions of a static robot arm could be combined with the automated intelligent vehicles, opening up manufacturing possibilities and integrating a robot and human workforce. To demonstrate the Mobile Manipulator in a production line setting Omron flexed its muscles in a product demo that can handled custom orders on a mass production assembly line! Pretty impressive stuff.

We produced three videos for Omron in this instance, a hero promotional video showing the new robot in the context of the production line and showcasing some of their other technology, a teaser video to push out on social media and a dedicated product video for the Mobile Manipulator.

The final videos use a variety of advanced post-production techniques including graphic overlays, motion tracking and camera tracking, and integration of the branding within motion design inter-titles to tie the whole edit together.

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