LimbPower Exercise Videos

Obviously charities have to keep an eye on their budget, and get as much value as possible out of expenditure. We created a watertight production schedule, set up a three camera shoot and recorded all the videos with 6 participants in just one day.

LimbPower are a charity that supports amputees and helps them to lead an active lifestyle. As part of their resources they have a ‘toolkit’ of written exercises that they recommend amputees start doing to build up their strength and confidence. LimbPower came to us to create a suite of toolkit videos so that they could more easily demonstrate the exercises and promote proper execution so that they have a positive impact on the participant.

In total Square Daisy produced 27 videos, including exercises for agility, balance and coordination, strength and conditioning, warm-ups and stretching.  Each video teaches the viewer how to perform the exercises correctly, advising on various prosthetic configurations, progressions and challenges they might encounter.

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To align the videos with the LimbPower brand there are unified titles at the beginning of the videos which double-up as thumbnails for youtube. Throughout the videos are various graphic devices such as on-screen text, motion-tracking, pop-ins, split-screen, annotations and rotoscoping.


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