How turning a strategic document into a video helped Nato


  • Communicate the key message of a dense strategic document
  • Propose changes to the way the alliance operated
  • Deliver the context of the need to change
  • Engage attendees of a conference visually


  • 90 second animated video
  • Accessible for non-native English speakers
  • Not too simple that it looks like a glorified power point!


  • 6 days

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We chose to emphasise the key messages visually with text on screen instead of a voiceover, pacing the text slowly enough to be understood and digested, but not so slow that it bored Native English speakers. Our primary approach to animation was motion graphics and we replicated a terrain background to create a military feel that associated with NATO. We helped NATO to literally visualise their plans for a new structure, all from our office in Redhill.

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