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We will help bring your organisation's message to life through Video

No matter your industry or business, whether you offer a product or service, we can assist you in promoting, educating, or explaining it to your target audience you wish to target. We are a professional video production company specialising in animated and live-action videos for organisations, all done in-house.

Square Daisy – Video Production Maidstone

Our video production service makes technically skilled and creative videos that have helped businesses sell their products and services.

We have a professional video creation team that creates websites and produces different types of videos for corporate promotion, product advertising, in-house training, commercial advertising, presentation, non-commercial advertising, tutorials, information videos and animated videos e.t.c.

About Our Video Production Company (serving Maidstone)

We are a very competitive audio and video production company. We have a very professional, forward-thinking and imaginative team that produces high-quality results. Our company started in the South East and is able to serve people in Maidstone. Our professionally produced content has boosted brand awareness, lead generation, sales increase as well as search engine ranking. Our expertise is apparent in the work we do, and our track record can be measured by the contracts we get from repeat customers.

The foundation of our business is based on understanding the message our clients want to put out there and doing our best to bring the idea to life and ensure it’s appealing to the target audience.

Perhaps you know every nook and cranny about your business, but do not know exactly how to present it. Well, our service involves assessing what the audience needs and how you can turn your core message into something accessible and comprehensible to everyone. And why wouldn’t you want more brand attention?

Our Vision

What drives us running this business, is aiming to understand the message needs of our clients and present it in a manner that’s understandable and appealing to the larger audience. We strive to grow our client base by getting an unparalleled reputation in the media and marketing industry by delivering top of the line services. Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider doing business with us:

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Boost Your Businesses Bottom Line

In modern advertising, video and animation are the driving force; however the majority of businesses are reluctant to make that financial commitment. But at the same time, this has been proven to be the most effective and efficient way of getting your message ‘out there’ and begin creating a boost in sales and/or build your business profile. With our process, you are still in complete control of the budget and the timescale. Rest assured that we will do everything possible to manage the costs. We have an Online Visibility Department where we can promote your videos for you and make sure the target audience gets to see it.

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The entire end to end Process of Video Production is overseen by us

By working alongside our customers, we can discern their needs and translate their message into something that will resonate with the target audience. With our technical know-how, passion, and dedication, we can convert your brief into a video through all the stage of development including storyboarding, editing, scriptwriting, filming, and animation. Unless you prefer otherwise, we will provide the voice-overs effectively and efficiently.

We provide video production packages which can be tailored to fit your budget

Our in-house team of experts edits, films, and promotes your video. Get in touch with us now to see how we can assist you in creating bespoke video solutions for your business. Regardless of your location in the UK, we will offer you a free quote.


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